Why People Invest in a Condo – Monarch Parksuites

Commercial Area

Questions about why people invest in a condo had been ask a lot times with many answers. This post will tell you the four best answers why people invest in a condo.


If you are looking for a place of comfort and convenience where everything you need is just a short ride or even a short walk away, nothing matches the advantages that a good condominium can give you. May it be work, leisure, study or business, staying on a strategically located condo can already bring an enormous advantages to you. Monarch Parksuites condo is located at the Aseana City near PAGCOR Entertainment City and Mall of Asia. Aseana City is soon to be the countries top financial district, having an advantage of being the first business district that is accessible by land, water and air.


Nowadays, buying a condominium is also choosing the kind of lifestyle that you want. Developers have been innovating to be able to give the condo unit owners not just a comfortable shelter but also a more improved lifestyle. There are amenities that promotes healthy living, some will encourage more social interactions, and others will help you do more business at the comfort of your home. Monarch Parksuites’ amenities has it all.


A condominium is not only something that you can use and enjoy. It is also a tool for you to either protect your money’s value from inflation, increase it through value appreciation, and the best advantage a condo can bring is that you can also make it a tool for wealth creation through its ability to give you a steady flow of passive income. A condo leasing business. Monarch Parksuites, through its sister project SoleMare Parksuites has shown a increase in value of about 16% per year and a rental rate that is already comparable to other developed business districts like Makati Business District. Even with the fact that the location(Aseana City) is still at its developing stage, a very good timing to invest on condo units.


The last but the most important is convenience. Peace of Mind. But watch out! Not all condominiums are created equal. Only a very few condominium developers go beyond developing and selling their condo  units. Anchor Land Holdings Inc. is luxury condominium developer that is committed to deliver the best after-sales service to its unit buyers. Without it, you will have a condo that might give you headaches in the future instead of the advantages that was promised.


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